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Honeywell showed turbocharger with VNT inside

Date:2015/5/7 Label:[Industry news] Access statistics:5466

 Honeywell showed turbocharger with VNT inside







Honeywell showed turbocharger with VNT inside in this Shanghai Car Exhibition. This turbocharger can improve engine torque lever. Taking the long using of turbocharger into considerate, this turbocharger just used in diesel engine.
As we all know, the turbocharger was working by waste to add air-intake density, improve the air-intake efficiency, combustion efficiency higher. Then, engine can have 30%-40% extra power.
Turbocharger exhaust gas flow is controlled by blades, the blade working situation should be matched with engine charger requirements. The blades will be closed to limited exhaust gas flow if the engine is working slowly. The blades will be open to making the exhaust gas Marxian for avoid turbocharger over working if the engine working fast.
This VNT turbocharger is the third-generation VNT of Honeywell in 2004.The most important difference is installing variable construction into bearing pedestal by elasticity cover. This new platform bring some innovations like new design of chaplet, new shape blades, new impeller, the prefect and controllable of aerodynamic.
The advantages of turbocharger:
VNT turbocharger improve the torque lever, especially when the engine rotating slowly ,improve the engine combustion in wide range, speed change faster in shortly, sufficient burning. Turbocharger also promote exhaust gas recycling, reduce waste gas emission.
VNT turbocharger is the most important reason for engine smaller. As the trend of turbocharger industry, with emission reduce, sufficient burning smaller engine trying to have the same or higher performance with engine which with higher emission.
Development & Future Trendy
For the VNT tech wildly used, promoted performance ,we can foresight that VNT turbocharger will keep the leadership in diesel engine industry .In order to temporize engine smaller trendy, Honeywell engineers are doing their effect for excellent performance and sufficient burning.VNT turbocharger also become the most key point of complex two-levers turbocharger system. More and more diesel engines have this tech in their two or three-levers power unit. Obviously, with the development of aerodynamics, bearing system, material science, this technology will have a brighter future.
According to Honeywell forces, the turbocharger will used in diesel engine from less than 5% improve to 20% in 5 years. There are two advantages that VNT turbocharger engine will promote 5% in economic efficient burning, improve most 30% in low speed torque if VNT turbocharger used wildly.