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Warmly Celebrating Pingxiang DEBO Technology co., LTD Successfully List in

Date:2015/12/1 Label:[Enterprise News] Access statistics:4333

Pingxiang DEBO Technology co., LTD is specializing in the production of "Variable Geometry (cross section) (VNT), Piston Ring, Nozzle Ring Assembly, Journal Bearing, Thrust Bearing" and other core components of the turbocharger;DEBO was signed business contract with Guosen Securities, Dahua Certified Public Accountants, Qiyuan Law Firms etc Three Intermediary Agencies for "New Three Board" Listing , Start "New Three Board" listing since January 2015.Finished shareholding system reform in June 2015. Submited the application materials to”Small & Medium-sized Enterprises Shares Transfer System” by the end of Augus., , DEBO successfully listed in "New Three Board" on 30th November . Stock Abbreviation: DEBO Tech, Stock Code: 834377.
DEBO Technology co., LTD will perfect the management system, promote the development of the company specification, also will perfect DEBO’s direct financing, develop a new financing channels, improve the company's brand influence, increase the liquidity of the company's assets, enhance the value of company assets, at the same time, through constant increase in assets reorganization, the company bigger and stronger, better make a greater contribution to economic development of jiangxi province after listing in ”Small & Medium-sized Enterprises Shares Transfer System”.